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Things to Remember When You Go to Court

If you are going to family court, prepare for this big day ahead of time. Many people appear in family court to deal with matters that are very close to the heart, such as child custody, divorce, and similar matters. You are dealing with many emotions as the result, and when it is time to go to court, all of these emotions can be overpowering. Do not mess up your day in court and keep the following information in mind to make things a little less stressful on this big day.

Dress to impress when your day in court arrives. When you are professional dressed, it will make the judge happy and this means he’ll be more willing to listen to your side of the case. Keep the court dress code in mind, which is in place. Men who appear in family court seattle wa usually wear suit or a dress shirt and pants while women wear skirts or dresses of knee length. Make sure that your clothing isn’t too tight, too short, or revealing.

family court seattle wa

When it is time to appear in court and go before the judge, remember that you are in a professional environment and should maintain respectful behavior at all times. Be respectful to the judge and treat other members of the court with respect as well. Turn off your cell phone before you go into court and don’t bring in any unnecessary items that may distract the court processions, including newspapers, drinks, or handheld video games.

Do not talk after the judge takes the bench. Make sure that your cell phone is put away and that it is turned off. Make sure that you are not rattling papers or otherwise making noises that can interfere with the courtroom. Even whispering can be heard loud and clear by the judge on the bench. When the judge speaks and you need to respond, be sure to address him as ‘Your Honor’ or ‘Judge’ as a matter of respect.

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